About island Ugljan

Ugljan is one of the most picturesque islands in the Zadar archipelago. It lies opposite Zadar from which it is divided by only the few NM of the Zadar Channel. The surface of this eternally green island is covered by olive groves, idyllic coves and colorful fishing ports. It has been tied to the sea, seafaring and fishing for generations. More than two thousand years of traditional olive processing has left thousands of olive trees that offer oil of exceptional quality and aroma. Fishing and tourist localities extend along the eastern side of the island, among which the most well-known are Preko, Kukljica, Kali and Ugljan. The other side of the island is mainly uninhabited and steep. Thanks to its coves, surrounding islands and a rich maritime underworld it is a real challenge for diving and game fishing. The wavy high plains of the inland are covered with around ten kilometers of trekking and biking trails, leaving an unforgettable picture of colors, odors and panorama to all passers-by. Most of the inhabitants of the island, around 7,500, deal mainly with olive growing, fishing and, of course, tourism. The mild Mediterranean climate, the blue sea, rocky and sandy beaches, tens of islands and islets in the proximity and memories of times gone by make the fertile island of Ugljan all the more desirable for sea and island lovers.